Language: English

Publication Date: August 23, 2023


Extinction of Indigenous People continues to happen around the globe.  Over the centuries “civilized” cultures and their government actions have reduced native community. Ishi from the United State and Tanaru from Brazil, illustrate this population's historic struggle. A century and worlds between them, there are similarities that culminate with their death. Their story and legacy are disturbing but inspire compassion, awareness, action and hope of future improvements.



Language: Portuguese

Publication Date: August 23, 2023


A extinção de povos originários continua acontecendo em todo o mundo. Ao longo dos séculos, as culturas denominadas civilizadas e suas ações governamentais reduziram a comunidade nativa. Ishi, dos Estados Unidos, e Tanaru, do Brasil, ilustram a luta histórica dessa população. Com um século entre eles e em mundos diferentes, há semelhanças que culminaram com a morte deles. Suas histórias são perturbadoras, mas inspiram compaixão, conscientização, ação e esperanças de melhoras no futuro.





Language: Poruguese (English materials)

Publication Date:Septtember 3, 2017 - Updated:  2021


Informações básicas sobre a cidadania americana são apresentadas neste livro. Aspectos como elegibilidade, custos, materiais de estudo para os testes e preparação para a entrevista são incluidos. Formulários de aplicação e outros tipos usados pelo USCIS, e Intenet links são fornecidos.



Basic information about American citizenship is presented in this book. Aspects such as eligibility, costs, study materials for the tests and interview preparation are included. Application forms and other types used by the USCIS, as well as internet links, are provided.


Bilingual: English and Portuguese

 Paperback: 114 pages

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 An American teenager travels from the United States to Brazil with his mother to visit family. He just finished high school, is getting ready for college and he resists going. The trip lasts for a month. He looks back, reflecting on his personal conflicts and struggles and the cultural disconnection with his Brazilian heritage. Through reactions to and observations of events, he sheds some light into his bicultural experience. 

In Between: one teen, two cultures
                         Se Vira: um adolescente ente duas culturas


Paperback: 180 pages

Publication Date: September 7, 2013

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0988924218

ISBN-13: 978-0988924215


Extra-Help Librarians are commonly known as substitute librarians in public and school libraries and adjunct librarians in academic libraries. Even though each institution has it's own mission and it's patrons have their own characteristics, the Extra-Help Librarian category has similarities among locations. Therefore, this book focuses on their professional profile and work issues in these library settings. It is geared to anyone interested in pursuing a Library Science degree, to students and recent graduates and to professors in this field. In addition, retired librarians and those between jobs or re-entering the job market could benefit from the book's content.





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A Brazilian makes travel suggestions and presents facts that will be useful during the 2014 World Cup. She provides information on   the 12 host cities and about places to visit in each city and nearby areas. Travel planning, basic English to Portuguese vocabulary and phrases, historic aspects about Brazil and past World Cups, are included as well.


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