P.T. Rezende



The older I get the more I enjoy ocean related activities. Lately I have been trying to surf. My days of digging holes in the sand to reach China are over. It is more fun to be in the water. All is going well. Southern California is a good place for me.


What do you think of my short memoir? Perhaps you also have struggled to fit in as much as possible. Often, it is difficult to look beyond everything at the time they happen. So, when we look back it becomes easier to understand some of the occurrences in life.

         Celma de Faria Luster

Born in Brazil, my childhood and youth were great. I went to college and worked there for a few years. In my late twenties I moved to the United States.  With a family of my own, I settled down for the time being.


Learning a new language is a life long challenge - an exciting one for that matter. In my case, English will continue to require constant review. There are many other aspects that make living in a foreign country a blessing and a curse. It is key to fight the odds, find balance, or at least accept the shortcomings. 


I have being a librarian for many years and I really enjoy it.



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